Amendments to an existing warehouse floor for bespoke new machinery installation in Hertfordshire


Direct Piling have recently been contracted and completed works to an existing warehouse in Hertfordshire. The project required the cutting and breaking out of the existing concrete floor and installation of 300mmØ Open Bore piles and pile caps along with reinstatement of the RC Raft with bespoke wash down drainage channels. Due to the nature of the company using the warehouse Direct Piling had to undertake the works whilst the warehouse remained operational 24hours a day 7 days a week. Direct Piling through the main contractor detailed a potential solution whereby the main warehouse would be screened off from the working area using scaffolding and sheeting. The cutting & breaking out of the existing raft was undertaken by a specialist company. Direct Piling were on hand during these works to ensure minimal cutting and breaking out was undertaken setting out and generally on hand for constant review and clarifications. Piling commenced whereby Direct Piling installed 66of 300mmØ hollow stem grout injected piles (Drilling & Filling methodology). Pile caps were then constructed on site and lifted into position and concreted. Reinforcement of the RC Raft was then installed including upstands for the bespoke drainage channel. Faced timber shuttering was then installed and the concrete pumped. The RC Raft received a power float finish. The pile, pile caps and RC Raft reinstatement was completed in 4 weeks as per programme with minimal disruption to the live company.