Domestic Homeowner extending the family home in Twickenham


Direct Piling were commissioned to provide a suitable solution for the proposed wrap around extension to the family home. Due to the proximity of a council owned tree on the pavement next to the homeowners boundary fence Direct Piling had to provide a solution in which the tree was safeguarded not only during the works but for the life time of the tree and building. This resulted in a Piled RC Raft solution being designed and issued to the local authority for their perusal. Approval of our design was received and Direct Piling commenced the works. Constructing the RC Raft above ground afforded the completion of the structural foundation without excavating the ground and thus preventing any damage to the tree root system. Furthermore, Cellcore anti-heave protection was used to the underside of the RC Raft to create a void which released any pressure and also provided a space whereby an irrigation system could be installed ensuring the roots received water. Due to the detailed understanding of this project both the Homeowner and the local authority were delighted with the results along with the timely and cost effective proposal and solution.