Nettlebed / 30of Mini 220Ø SCD Piles & 82Lm Of RC Raft


Direct Piling have recently completed a Piled RC Raft project. Due to the proposed finished external and finished internal floor levels a 75mm down stand was included to the perimeter of the RC Raft to allow a lower course of external brick to the outer skin.The RC Raft has been set out to the exact dimensions specified by the timber frame company and is ready for the sole plate installation for the inner walls. The project presented a number of bespoke challenges, pile installation and logistics. The pile installation challenge was due to the ground conditions encountered. A driven pile methodology was used whereby Direct Piling installed 55of 220mmØ Steel Case Driven piles. The first challenge encountered was when the first pile driven failed to set in the putty chalk strata and achieved a depth of 18m. Our engineers reviewed this data along with the geotechnical borehole investigation report and designed a distributed load solution whereby all piles were driven to a predetermined depth using a grid matrix of piles to support the RC Raft and timber frame building.

Logistically, the building plot was in a wooded area and serviced by what can only be described as an over wide footpath. During the pre-contract period Direct Piling visited the site and met with the home owner to ascertain how and what was required. Direct Piling then set about how the client’s vision could be achieved. The pre-planning by Direct Piling ensured the client’s vision was achieved and exceeded where possible. Materials were loaded and unloaded in a loading bay at the end of the path and then taken onto site manually via labour and small plant. Concrete to the raft was pumped via 85meter line pump and concluded in less than a day.