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Here at Direct Piling we are able to offer solutions for your foundation requirement whether it be a piled Ground Beam or Reinforced Concrete Raft to Traditional Underpinning and Needle Beam supporting systems. Direct Piling are able to assist home owners with making an informed decision as to which foundation best suits their needs and requirements for their extension to the family home or an exciting New Build project.  Direct Piling also assist the “local builder” in planning new project foundations and can even assist when you’re on site and building control and/or project engineer state the ground conditions are not suitable for traditional strip foundations by providing fast and suitable proposed piled foundation solutions the same day in certain instances.

Other Considerations

Direct Piling understand foundation works can be a confusing part of any project and we aim to provide factual information allowing you the client to make an informed decision based on your requirements. Direct Piling’s Structural & Piling Engineers have many years of experience and will be able to assist for all your foundation requirements.

Direct Piling are experts in providing piled foundations for conservatories, single & double storey extensions, wrap around extensions and New Build plots.

Other areas of Direct Piling’s expertise are projects with Tree preservation Orders (TPO) and Water Authority build over agreement orders. Direct Piling are able to assist and provide details ensuring the safeguarding of the environment regarding TPO’s and local water authorities policies are adhered too.

Experts in our field

Direct Piling understand land is not always around the property and the installation of a basement offers certain buildings the option for expansion. Again Direct Piling have many years of experience in the installation of Contiguous piled retaining wall structures and would be delighted in assisting you with the realisation of this concept.

Direct Piling can provide underpinning solutions for those structures which have been subjected to subsidence. Subsidence occurs to buildings in a variety of ways but always affects the soils around the existing foundations. As a piling company Direct Piling are able to install tension & compression piles within needle beams which can either be placed under the existing concrete foundation or needled through the existing sub-structure to support the property by founding the piles into suitable strata. Needle beams avoid the requirement of excavating deep pins which can provide un-necessary health & safety issues. Traditional underpinning “hit & miss” techniques are available from Direct Piling and is another example of our diverse range of foundation solutions available.

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