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Piling is a method of creating a foundation for a structure in almost any ground type, but it is a particularly favoured method in sandy or unstable ground; by creating steel-reinforced solid concrete columns.

The piles can be spaced according to an engineer’s specification, or in a line to form a barrier or structural support. Normally a concrete beam is formed along the top of the piles, referred to as a capping beam. This adds further structural integrity to the system, offering a platform for further structural construction. As a general rule, piles will be required at no more than 3 metre intervals and on most junctions/corners of a structure.

Mini Piling

Direct Piling have drilling rigs that are particularly suited to working inside domestic properties and in low headroom or tight access areas. Our limited access piling rigs are designed to pass through a standard doorway and work within restricted access spaces.

Mini piling is an ideal solution for foundation problems including:

  • Limited access locations where soil excavation and removal would be difficult and expensive.
  • Built up areas where noise and vibration are to be considered.
  • Limited headroom locations inside buildings, where alterations to existing structures are necessary.
  • Areas where localised soil conditions are particularly poor.

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Method

This is when CFA piles are formed by drilling a continuous flight auger into the ground. When the required depth is reached concrete is pumped into the hollow stem and the auger is slowly withdrawn (the sides of the hole are supported at all times by the soil filled auger). Reinforcement is inserted immediately after the auger is withdrawn.

Steel-cased Driven Piling

This type of piling is when a steel tube of a given length is driven into the ground then another steel tube slides into it and is welded in position. This is then driven into the ground and so on until the required depth is reached. The piles are then reinforced according to the required design and then filled with concrete to form the completed pile.

Auger Bored Piling

This type of piling is when a hole is drilled into the soil in certain ground conditions, if a stable open hole can be formed, for example in clay the bored hole can be filled with concrete, forming a pile.

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